How Remote Workers Can Help Real Estate Companies

If you have a real estate business, there are likely a number of areas you have to focus on. This can be difficult if you are a smaller agency and don’t have a large number of people you can delegate these roles to. The more time you spend handling these tasks, the less time you have to work on your core business areas. Hiring a remote employer can help with many of these roles, often at a cost lower than bringing in another person. Here are some of the key business areas where remote workers can help real estate agents.


You are likely aware of how busy an agent’s calendar can be. Listing agents have to plan showings for multiple interested buyers. A virtual worker helps with this by scheduling these showings, allowing for plenty of time for each potential buyer to examine a home. They also can help with assistance scheduling additional services such as inspections and repairs.


Promoting your listings helps you interact with new clients as well as keep up with your current base. A remote assistant helps you get your agency and your listings in front of people. They can create consultation packages for both buyers and sellers, plus prepare open house materials including flyers and banners. In addition, if you need to plan an appreciation event for either clients or vendors, a remote worker can assist with coordination.

Website Updates

As a real estate agent, you will have to update your website on a regular basis to highlight available properties. Remote workers make it easy to consistently have the latest market data and information, as well as new listings you want to highlight. Plus, they help create regular blog posts and other enhancements to your website, freeing you to dedicate more time to other roles.

Administrative Tasks

While you dedicate your time to essential services, a remote employee can handle many of the administrative duties you may overlook. These can include bookkeeping, data entry, and database cleanup. In addition, assistants can design and print brochures and business cards, plus set up newsletters and emails for distribution.

For the real estate industry, adding a remote worker to your team can help you with a number of tasks. They are able to assist you with elements from marketing to human resources, leaving you to spend more time focusing on your core business.

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