Key Industries That Benefit From Virtual Assistants

As companies change how they operate, many business owners are adapting in new ways. One of the biggest options gaining in popularity is using virtual assistants. These remote workers are able to work seamlessly within an office, providing more flexibility as well as the opportunity to focus on administrative tasks. This frees up owners to spend more time on the core elements of their business. Here are some of the industries that can benefit from using virtual assistants.

Real Estate

For real estate brokers and agents, there can be a lot of tasks to handle on a daily basis. You may need to filter potential leads, set up appointments for showings, post listings for homes, and other items. Adding a virtual assistant gives you a person that can handle these roles. They can also perform customer service duties, such as responding to e-mails and live chats.


Lawyers can work long days handling cases, especially if they have a practice where they are the only attorney. A remote assistant can schedule meetings and court appearances, perform records research, and handle any paperwork associated with a case. Depending on the needs of the firm, they can opt to find an assistant with sufficient legal experience.


An accountant works to help their clients find ways to save money. Many of these same accountants have found that virtual assistants can save themselves money as well as time. Often, they look for people with experience in financial sectors, and who can provide support for data entry, handling accounts payable, payroll services using 3rd party software, and more.

Marketing Companies

With marketing incorporating more digital elements, agencies are increasing their usage of virtual assistants. They are able to handle tasks including social media posting, blogging, market research, and article distribution. By finding a person with the skill set to perform these roles, you are ensured that they will provide you with a product that gets the results you are looking for.

A virtual assistant gives companies an employee that can perform job roles that they otherwise may not have the bandwidth to do. They are a relatively small investment for businesses and can provide quality results while saving time and money.

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