What to Look For in a Virtual Assistant

If you’re a business owner, there is the possibility that you will end up wearing many hats. Depending on the size of your business, you may have to redirect time from your core tasks to handling administrative and customer service roles. One of the easiest ways to help increase your productivity is to hire extra people. A virtual assistant can help thanks to the numerous and diverse skillsets many of them have. Here are some traits you should consider before hiring one.


When you choose an assistant, you want someone that will handle assigned tasks in a timely manner. If you can’t rely on them to provide accurate updates on projects or reply to your emails, it can have a negative effect on your business. Your virtual assistant will likely be working from a remote location. This makes it key that they are able to be responsible and complete assigned tasks without a lot of hand-holding.

Great Communication

A virtual assistant will likely be in a remote location from your core business. Being able to communicate with them regularly will be essential. You want to ensure that any assistant selected is able to respond to your e-mails and calls in a proper fashion. In addition, make sure that they are comfortable with interacting on multiple platforms. This can include FaceTime, client-specific platforms, text messaging, or other types of communication.

Excellent Organization

Whether a business has an in-person or virtual assistant, it’s important to make sure they are organized while working. Virtual assistants may be tasked with handling business passwords, client information, appointments, and other kinds of data. The best assistants have a structure in place that allows them to monitor key aspects of their role and stay in front of potential changes that may occur.

Prepared to Multitask

As mentioned above, there is the likelihood that a virtual assistant you hire will have a lot of tasks on their plate. When this happens, they will be called on to stay organized and keep moving items forward. A successful virtual assistant will be able to maintain a solid schedule, have a solid sense of items to prioritize and be able to work efficiently to complete tasks.

Being Creative

Another area a virtual assistant can help with is in creating original content. This content can be used for social media posts, blog entries, and more. Depending on the assistant’s background, they can help by being a part of brainstorming sessions to come up with ideas. Digital marketing companies, for example, may look for people with experience in ad creation and lead generation to help with additional roles.

Before adding a virtual assistant to your business, you want to make sure they will be able to provide the services your company needs. By learning what qualities to look for, you can find the right assistant that is reliable and dependable.

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